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At House of Pets, we offer a wide range of grooming services for your dog.


We provide a personalised consultation with our groomers prior to your grooming appointment so you can be confident that your dog is receiving the ultimate pampering session during their time with us.


We use natural and quality shampoo brands on your dog but if you would prefer to bring your own shampoo - or medicated shampoo - we welcome this.


Appointments and payments to be separate from the pet shop. Queries regarding appointments or grooming queries can be made here and our team will be happy to help you.

From 2024 we have introduced a new Booking system which we use to book your dogs in and take deposits.

We still use our Shop mobile number but Text & email reminders will now be sent from our system under ‘Petgrooming’

A reminder to please make yourself aware of Our T&Cs.

Grooming Services

Grooming Services

At House of Pets we offer an extensive list of services - please contact us here to discuss your individual grooming needs.


Puppy Welcome Groom


We are able to offer your pups an introductory groom to welcome them to our parlour and provide desensitisation to the grooming experience.

This is suitable for younger, fully vaccinated puppies between the ages of 14 weeks to 6 months of age.

This package will include a welcome bath, blow-dry and light clipping around the eyes, face, pads, sanitary area, nail package, ear cleaning & perfume spritz.

(prices available on request)


Full Groom

The full groom is our most popular package for your pet.

This is suitable for all breed types and sizes.

This package will include a bath, blow-dry, and full grooming services tailored to your specific needs. This also includes the nail package, ear cleaning & perfume spritz.

(prices available on request)


Wash & Tidy


This service is suitable for in-between grooms and if your dog needs a freshen up. This also includes a slight trim around the facial, paws & sanitary area. The also includes the nail package, ear cleaning & perfume spritz.

(prices available on request)





This service is suitable for longer haired or wire coated breeds that require their coats to be fully stripped.  This also includes a bath, blow-dry & nail package, ear cleaning & perfume spritz.

(prices available on request)


Other services are also available:


We are able to offer the following services (by appointment only), by contacting us here.

* Dogs Nails (clipped & filled) £15-25

* Ear Cleaning & Plucking £15

* Anal Gland expression £15

* Dematting £15+


If your dog is matted there may be an additional charge to remove the matts.

Matts can be very painful to comb through if are particularly close to your animals skin. Although we always try to comb some matts out - our groomers will inform you at time of consultation if this cannot be done and de matting is necessary. In some cases we will get you to sign a dematting form and provide you with the cost of this extra service.

Appointment Information & Booking Enqueries


All of your grooming appointments can be made by contacting us here or by contacting the Pet Store on 020 8986 7681 during business hours.


All of our prices are approximate & our grooming team will provide you with this information after your consultation.


We encourage you to arrive 5 minutes prior to your grooming appointment & we will contact you 15 minutes before your dog is ready to collect to ensure prompt collection. (Please note that we are unable to hold your dog for longer than this time as we do not have daycare services available). If you are late for your appointment you may incur a lateness charge. If you are late to collect your dog after they are ready a late charge may occur.


if you have to cancel your appointment- please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us on 0208 9867681 or our shop mobile 07483316634 which is available all day and out of hours. If this is within 24 hours of your appointment or missed your appointment the Full amount will be charged and no further bookings can be made.

We appreciate things come up and can’t be helped but as a small business, we still need to pay our staff for the appointments. 


For new clients, we will ask for a £25 Non-refundable deposit to hold your appointment.

This is normally £25 and will be taken off of your grooming account when you come in to pay. We will send this link via text or email and will need to settled on the day in order to ensure your appointment booking.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your groom we ask you to inform us within 24 hours of your groom.
Please note we have Two groomers, if you have a preference please make us aware at booking.


Our Grooming Parlour is a separate business from our Pet Store.


We will often take photos of your pet to share on our wall in the store, on social media or in our photography book - if you would prefer us not to do this - please let us know at the appointment.

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